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Need more reasons why VMI?

...We'll Help You Chill

Trying to beat a deadline early and under budget can make it feel like you have to be everywhere at once.  We'll help you take L.A. off the "everywhere" list. 

You're  promoting a unique product.

You should receive a unique product.

VMI respects and admires creativity above all, which is why we feel a shared sense of achievement when our clients' goals are flawlessly fulfilled.
We're always here.

Be Well Represented

Personal accountability defines your business relationships and it's no different with us.  One or both of our founders will be on site for every project, further strengthening the essential connection between you and your client.

Getting Excited?

Get Your Site Survey On!

That's right, get ready to freak out while you geek out by planning your next project around our full-service, precision site surveys with detailed measurements and digitally rendered 3-D blueprints.
Still curious?  Shoot us an e-mail.
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